Repeat Prescription

Repeat prescriptions are a funny thing. They make a bunch of sense with that awkward trouser infection some people can pick up whilst holidaying in South East Asia. You pop along to see Doctor Dan and he wisely estimates that it will take more than one course of antibiotics to clear up. So when he writes up the prescription he puts in a couple of repeats. You take your pills, and when you run out you pop down to the pharmacy for another box. Easy Peasy and makes a bunch of sense.

But what happens when you have one of those conditions that isn’t going to be fixed, yet can be controlled by medication? They sure as hell don’t give you a long reaching prescription, that’s for damn sure. You end up in this ever repeating hell of purposeless doctors appointments, and keeping track of how many pills and repeats you have on hand so you don’t get caught short.

It doesn’t make a heap of sense to me. You’ve been seeing the same Doc for years. Your condition is well understood. You’ve been taking the same meds for years and you’re demonstrably stable on them. Surely then they can give you more than half a dozen repeats? You just end up dropping $60 on an appointment where you chit-chat about how the Doc’s kids are doing in that expensive private school that you’re helping to pay for while she writes you up another six repeats. Wash, rinse repeat ad infinitum.

Apologists will suggest that this is so that the Doc can reassess your condition and make sure there have been no changes. I call bollocks on this for a couple of reasons. One, your appointments never pan out like this. Reassessment is only carried out when you suggest it. And besides, if you’ve got a long term medical condition, you understand it and how to live with it. If you detect a change, and you’re not a complete idiot, you going to go and see your doc anyway, right? And two, many clinics once you are known to them will provide you with a new prescription for a lower fee. You just ring them up, ask for another script and pop in later to pick it up from the receptionist without ever seeing a doctor.

The whole thing is just a scam.


One thought on “Repeat Prescription

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