The Furore Cycle in the Social Media Age.

Somebody in the public eye says or does something dumb.

A bunch of people are offended and take to their social media tool of choice to register their outrage.

Many more people see this, and although they probably never saw or heard the original offence giving item, pile on with more outrage.

Outlets of “proper news” pick up on the swelling outrage and although they probably should ignore such things, are very threatened by the ‘new media’ and want to appear hip and relevant so they report it as actual news.

The rest of the population who has so far remained ignorant of the offence are now “fully informed” and also pile on, registering their outrage.

Trolls will appear, usually sprouting things like offended people having no sense of humour.

The person who made the original fuck up is surprised and probably upset by all the anger. They may distance themselves from social media temporarily so as to avoid being called a cunt by all these people they’ve never heard of.

Other people in the public eye who are probably friends or otherwise like the poor, stupid soul currently being burned at the virtual stake think the level of vitriol is excessive, especially when contrasted with the vitriol fired at the last dumb thing Dermott Brereton said and will start to defend them in the social media.

The angered masses will then take task with these other public peoples. Discussions will start with “I can’t believe you…..” and likely end with “ur a cunt”.

Mass unfollowings, unfriendings and blockings will ensue.

At some point, depending mainly on the type of person who made the original fuck up, they may or may not apologise.

Everyone will then settle back into their lives and wait for the next furore to erupt.

On a good day, we can get through this whole cycle before lunch!


My Random Noise about the WWE Elimination Chamber 2012

Random thoughts from watching the show.

This post is brought to you from Bruichladdie Port Charlotte 5.

What happened to Hugo Savinovich? (Meant to ask after the Royal Rumble but couldn’t be arsed posting.)

I’ve often wondered about Elimination Chambers from a live crowd perspective. Atmosphere aside, I think they probably come across better on TV than in person. There’s gotta be a lot of obstructed viewing going on during the match.

I enjoyed the Raw EC. It told us a good story and gave us how we get to Punk v Jericho at ‘mania. “I was never eliminated, I would’ve won, I’m the best in the world, etc.”

Just as well Santino has been booked into the Smackdown EC, otherwise how else would they have filled out the time without his training bits? Actually, I am being glib about Santino. I’m generally OK with his bits. One of my long running beefs about WWE is their need to take 5 minutes to deliver 30 seconds worth of information. With Santino, everyone seems to know they are stupid throwaway bits so they don’t give them any time. So Santino uses 30 seconds to deliver a single joke. As it should be.

Ah, we have a fluff piece for Cena. Isn’t this the sort of thing that usually goes on a pre-show? Ah, I see. Cena is actually a great guy. Stop booing him. How much are people expected to pay for this show? $50? For (just under) three hours. By my arithmetic, you paid $1.11 for that fluff piece. You can buy Where’s My Water on iTunes for $0.99. #JustSayin. I don’t have the exact data to hand, but I’m fairly sure that everyone who bought this PPV will also purchase Wrestlemania and have probably already committed to doing so. So I don’t really get the point of this ad. Unless they are appealing to all those nefarious swine who have watched this PPV without paying for it?

I can’t help at this point to speculate on the booking of Rock v Cena at ‘mania. It’s clear that WWE want to book Cena to win. But I think if that happens the crowd will turn as one, drop the tweeds and void their bowels in the general direction of the ring. And I think WWE knows that too and is worried about it. Will be interesting to see how they play it.

A pet hate of mine is Divas adjusting their clothing while they are supposed to be in excruciating pain or ‘out’ or at the very least totally focused on the fight. It’s one of those ‘break the moment’ things for me.

Facially Beth Phoenix reminds me of Courtney Thorne-Smith.

The “My name is….” has become the laziest bit of heel heat writing.

Argh. Why is this Laurenitis bit on PPV? Given that what, 5% of the Raw audience is theoretically watching this and that they will probably replay it anyway, wouldn’t it be better suited being first run on Raw? By the math above, this cost you $2.59 which is about half as much as CRZ was prepared to drive through the ice and snow to the supermarket for the other night. Again, #JustSayin.

Right, the Smackdown EC. I’m finding that this match is struggling to hold my attention. I can totally see why they are holding Bryan in a cell until last, ie to ‘protect’ him because he has to win. But in doing so they robbed the match of vital glue to assist the flow and storytelling experienced in the Raw match. I really think this lack of glue contributed to the Santino pop when he was active. Basically Santino was like a garlic aioli. Nothing much by itself, but when combined with a bunch of heavy proteins it provides a delightful uplifting zest and brings the whole dish together. To the point where you will keep a little of it to the side for mopping up with the last of your chips. It will never go over as the hero of the dish, but without it you’d never mention the dish again, instead talking up the bread and butter pudding.

I really liked the visual of Big Show playing the big angry cat trying to get at the goldfish. What I liked less was Jerry Lawler making the same observation seconds after I thought of it, so now everyone thinks I stole his bit. I have a similar issue with Alan Carr and old people’s obsession with paper shredders.

In a match like the Elimination Chamber, I’m not a fan of the schoolboy roll up. I know it’s Santino, but still.

Does Barrett have more tattoos since his old NXT days?

Dammit, I told Natalya to do the Barking Spider, not the Bitburr. Next time I visit the US I am totally going to a Packers game and buying one of those hats. Good old Hornswoggle, I guess you couldn’t put Santino in that bit as he just almost won your (supposed) equal highest title.

Cottage cheese. LOL, because Vicky is old and doesn’t have an eating disorder (maybe). And why was Swagger in wrestling gear? Are they the only clothes he has?

Hey, look at that! I’m older than The Rock…………… Fuck, I’ve wasted my life.

They should have announced this match on Smackdown and had it open the show. After two EC matches, the crowd had no energy left for this, and given that they had just shown skits, was probably in the pisser.

I had a quick rant in the latest Smackdown thread about the handling of Swagger. This match would’ve been the perfect opportunity to enact some of my recommendations. It was basically a nothing, glorified squash match anyway. Have Swagger do more power moves and have the announcers put over just how big he is, rather than prattle on about whatever it was they were. I mean Vicky’s arse is worthy of discussion, but still. I’m not actually proposing that Swagger be pushed, heavens no. The guy has the personality of a freshly laundered sea squarie. But the WWE are overlooking one of his most obvious assets that could make him much more effective in his current role.

As a former member of the military, Cena’s saluting on entrance has always annoyed me.

Embrace the Hate. This is a great concept. The trouble is that it has been executed really badly. During the Summer of Punk I used words like ‘challenging’ and ‘destructive’ and ‘different’ and ‘confident’ and ‘reflective’. The WWE flirted with those definitions and decided that it wasn’t really them. This could be another of those situations. They should realise that Cena is going to continue to be booed against the Rock. And to have Kane in the background subtly stirring the pot could add depth to the dream match feud. Maybe. This is why I tipped Kane to win this match. Had it come off I would have looked a genius. Instead I look an idiot. That’s often the way it is with boneheaded ideas.

And why was there a wheelchair under the ring?

I don’t like John Cena’s face. There I said it. I’ve thought it for a long time. It doesn’t convey emotion and that elicits an overly irrational response from me. I mean, ’12 Rounds’ was on TV here the other night – and he’s dangling by one arm off the side of a tram. If he falls, he probably dies. But he’s pulling the same fucking face he always has. No fear. No determination. No anger. Just John fucking Cena mugging. As such, I am overly harsh in noticing his bad acting rather than anything he does well. But Cena totally jumped from the gurney into the back of the ambo.

On the finish, I have no issue with them gaffing some of these bigger falls. Be nice if they could be a little more refined about it though.

So that’s the show done. There was a bit of a whiff of the ’95 Royal Rumble about this show. Something the scheduling of the show reflected. WWE felt this too, with the lack of big name star power in the chambers they put a nothing Cena match on last. So we’ve passed the last exit on the Road to Wrestlemania. No services for the next 6 weeks. Lets see what twists, turns and potholes they’ve got in store for us.