I am a fat bloke staring down the barrel of 40. I like to watch sports of most varieties, either live or on TV. Every now and then the mood takes me to comment on things, either sport, social or political. Or on occasion, the machinations of popular culture.

I’m an observer, a people watcher. I like to figure out what makes people tick. A keen watcher and analyser of ‘the game’, although I’m not really an enjoyer of ‘playing the game’.

I have no children and am no longer married. This is a situation I have no real desire to alter.

Politically I describe myself as a Pragmatic Libertarian. I have a love for the one liner and observational / anecdotal comedy. For the most part I am always taking the piss. Try not to take me seriously.

If I feel suitable inspired, I will talk about it here. But, you know, probably don’t expect any frequency. 🙂



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