YouTube of the week

Aww, I thought I’d already posted this, but apparently I hadn’t.

Behold the greatness of Belinda Carlisle performing ‘live’ with the guitarist from the band  Zodiac Mindwarp. I strongly suspect that alcohol may have been a factor:

Be sure to stick it out until about 3/4 of the way through to see one of the more ridiculous fake, mimed guitar solos you will ever see! 🙂

One of the true nuggets of awesomeness contained within YouTube. Enjoy.

I’ve always had a soft spot of the all girl bands (actual rock bands, not the all girl boy bands of today) and the Go Go’s remain one of my favourites. This album continues to make up  a part of my work day playlist:


YouTube of the Week

I loved this song back in the ’80’s. I first heard it during a Metal special on an all night music show. Some classic European Metal. All helped by a smoking hot blonde with a big voice. I remember hitting every record shop that I could find looking for the album that this song came from. *For the young’ns that might stumble past here by accident, record shops were where we would get our music from back in the olden times, back before it was just easier to just steal it online.

I still have the original album on cassette somewhere. Triumph and Agony I think it was called. I can’t be arsed looking for it, or even Googling the name to make sure I’ve got it right so don’t bring any attitude if it’s wrong.

Oh, and the lead singer, Doro Pesch, is still going strong I believe.

I give you Warlock – All We Are:

Hooker Watch of the Week

Warm and humid day yesterday. Almost tropical you could say. Although if you’ve actually been to the tropics you probably wouldn’t.

The weather brought the hookers out onto the street and the punters sniffing around as well. Seemed to be a noticeable amount of taxi cabs doing the cruise. Summer springs eternal, especially if you’re a randy cab driver?

So during the early afternoon I was out running errands and I think I spotted about six of them plying their trade. A lot of new girls that I haven’t seen before. Warm weather and the start of silly season perhaps? Or maybe earning a little extra cash to pay for Christmas gifts. *For my man, Bobba, here’s a festive 8-ball. Merry Christmas!* Hey, if anyone knows, what’s the meth or ice equivalent of an 8-ball? My references are pretty dated.

We had an attractive looking Mediterranean woman wearing a low cut black dress. Not seen her or the dress before. Nice boobs, the majority of which were on display.

Also brought out by the warm weather and increased activity were the police. I got stuck behind them as they hassled one of the girls standing on the corner. Given that I was just trying to get into my carpark across the street, I briefly considered giving them a toot to hurry them up, but figured discretion was the better part of valour on this occasion. The next time I was out I saw the same car with lights flashing hassling some more girls up the street.

Presumably they swept all the girls up, as when I went out in the evening none of the girls I spotted earlier were around. Although being a warm night they had been replaced by another set. One cheeky little minx was standing there in a short mini dress type arrangement. She had hitched it up over the hips slightly, resulting in the tiniest flash of her knickers as you drove past.

It pays to advertise I guess.

YouTube of the week

If you’ve ever wondered why Cat Stevens turned his back on the commercial music industry to embrace religion, we might have the answer here. I didn’t even realise this song existed until very recently. I love the simpler video clips of the 70’s and 80’s.

I especially love the expressions on the old lady’s face when she does the ‘deodorant check’.

I also like the look of incredulity followed by serenity of the lady in the supermarket.

See if you can listen to the song all the way though and not get it stuck in your head for the rest of the day. You have been warned! Dangerous levels of earworm potential!

So, here it is – Banapple Gas, by Cat Stevens:

YouTube of the week

Ah, 80’s metal music. How I love thee!

This video clip is a perfect example of the genre too. We have, in no particular order:

  • Armoured vehicle
  • Spaceship
  • Hard rocking intro
  • Laser eyes!
  • Laser fingers
  • Explosions
  • Fire
  • Sith like hand lightning
  • Pure girls sleeping in a dormitory transformed into stripper dancers, and
  • A slightly soapy lead singer carrying on like a sex god.

Clearly Zodiac Mindward are Sith Lords!

So I give you Prime Mover, performed by Zodiac Mindwarp!

Hooker Watch

A nice warm day today, bringing out all sorts to frolic in the sun. Surprisingly though, not a huge amount to report in hooker sightings. There were about half a dozen pounding the beat but nothing particularly noteworthy. Just your average skanky meth whores.

There was a regular girl wandering past just wearing a small bikini. Emphasis on small. Unusual to see such an attire off the beach wandering the streets, and this was a small bikini. I’m not sure if I mentioned that. There was more arse outside the garment than inside. As she walks past one of the hookers, the hooker starts shouting at her.

Presumably at her lack of modesty and morals I can only assume.