Mythbusters Drinking Game

So, an all new episode of Mythbusters is set to air tonight. I enjoy this show immensely and recently I was watching some older episodes and noticed a trend. With that in mind I present to you the Mythbusters drinking game. The rules:

  1. Drink a shot whenever Kari’s arse is arbitrarily central in shot.
  2. Drink a shot whenever Kari’s boobs in a tight or revealing top, is arbitrarily central in shot

What, only 2 conditions? Yep. And trust me, that will be plenty. You need to apply some judgement to the keyword “arbitrarily”. What I mean here is that the body area is captured seemingly by accident and isn’t critical to the shot. For example, if Jamie is the subject of the shot shooting a gun for example and Kari just happens to be bent over beside him with her arse stuck in the camera, drink!

I’ll post an update later tonight of how it went.

UPDATE: So no new Mythbusters episode tonight. Maybe next week?